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The island Folegandros or, as the ancients, always winning with ease, the heart . Calm, rounded shapes and people with no sharp corners and zigzags. The hospitable host port, friendly welcome predisposing for iterations and back.

Here starts the journey back in time and history of the island walking on the narrow cobbled streets and castle of Chora, where generously offered cool day and some fun in the evenings. The town of Folegandros is the most elegant and attractive in the Cyclades. Here, the cool square Kontarini since 1988 John and Sunday (the Kula cook for friends) Iron has set up a family restaurant, the "Piazza".

The "Piazza" offers, generously and with great taste, mouth-watering delicacies to its guests. The hard working lady opens Kula sheet, cut into elongated strips and makes the local pasta boom, marries, depending on taste, with local goat meat, chicken, pork and fagot in red saltsoula with veal in lemon sauce, with olosketa tyraki or minced. Everyone has to say about the divine rabbit stew, sweet onions, the myristic and unique flavor that Mrs. Koula "pamper" with love in the pot and let it seduce the palate!

Folegandros, in the early summer, the milk from goats to thicken tyrovolia with rennet and salt becomes souroto which featured on the tables of the "Piazza" and makes delicious cheese kalasounia. For the wild amaranth from the garden of Mr. John, the chylomeni revithada in clay baked in the oven, the fluffy karpouzenia and other magic tricks of the culinary art of incomparable Mrs. Koula!

Do not forget to ask to show it, covered with glass, old secret well hidden in the floor of the restaurant and is admired by Queen Sofia of Spain when it passed the island ...

On alitanes Ano Meria housewives plant mint, parsley, basil and barmperoriza. They gather and herbs, rosemary, oregano, chamomile and alifaskia to make vrastaria for colds of winter. Around November pick the flowers of saffron to give color to food, spring bulbs and summer caper to make pickled peppers. The caper comes in coarse salt and relish salads, savory and thyme attract workers bees and Mr. Yannis Sideris within ypseles (cells) makes the honey amber.

The "Piazza" has much to say about people, flavors and beautiful, perched on the rocks Folegandros. If you want to hear, see and to taste the "Piazza" is open from late May until late September and awaits you!


Chora Folegandros, 840 11 Cyclades Greece
Tel.: (+30) 22860 41274
Mob.: (+30) 6948042258
E-mail: info@kifines.gr

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