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We try to create an atmosphere adding local colour to fresh ideas, focusing on quality and freshness, to appeal to lovers of tradition as well as those seeking special, ethnic or just new gastronomic experiences.

Home Made Food:
Everything we serve, every dip, every sauce is prepared by us from point zero. Being aware of people's special diet needs we have added dish markers next to each dish to make suited dish-selection easier.

Herbs, spices, seeds, nuts and vegetables are our basic ingredients giving each dish a unique "Chic" identity:
Our small farm-raised goats and lambs, home made beer-bread rolls, soon enough with family-produced flour, home-grown vegetables, salads, herbs and chick peas (in quantity and type depending on time of the year).

Plowing, sowing, cropping is part of our daily chores along the year, insisting on a lifestyle, long past for some, but life-filling for us.


Chora Folegandros, 840 11 Cyclades Greece
Tel.: (+30) 22860 41307
Mob.: (+30) 6974676441

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