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Kalo Taxidi


The composer - song writer - performer Andreas Bonatsos makes a new step after visiting Flegandros in 2009!

After a long and successful carrer in discography and television, one of the most creative composers of the last decade, Andreas, settles down in hospitable Folegandros and without second thoughts he creates ''Kalo Taxidi'' meaning ''have a nice trip''!

Andreas likes to call his new activity a" summer little shop" which is immediately well received and liked by the islanders of Folegandros because of its friendly atmosphere.

In this cute little shop you can get hats, pareos, scarves, wooden decorations, ducks cats, seagulls,lighthouses, shells, little works of art for wall decoration, mirrors, lamps made from seawood, enamel objects and many more little treasures catering for all ages and all tastes.
You can also find jewellery made of silver, gold, leather and any kind of present not necessarily used only in summer.

In his new step Andreas works together with Dimitris Copanas, a potter, painter and an expert in the field of ''gifts and decorations" with his own shop in Athens over the last 13 years. With his experience and friendly attitude he earned the trust of local businessmen who assigned him their artistic and decorative interventions in hotels restaurants and other places.

Daily, greek and foreign friends choose ''Kalo Taxidi" not only for the hospitable and cosmopolitan atmosphere that the owner Andreas offers, but also for its simplicity and affordable prices.
It's a landmark for the island and here the passers-by will get information about anything that takes place on the island, since Andreas speaks english, french and italian.
Even if they don't buy a gift, they will be treated to a "raki" or coffee and they will talk about or invited to one of the many music nights that the amiable artist creates, offering a lot to the island's cultural events.

Some of these events are: singing for the children and all the people of Folegandros in ''Pounta" in 2010, 2011, 2012. Giving a recital piano-voice with songs of famous greek composers such as Manos Hatzidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Mimis Plessas, and Giannis Spanos in a packed ''Castro" (Castle). Performing live in places like "Avli'' or "Patitiri Multi Culti" in 2013 where his performances remained unforgettable for their quality and atmosphere.

Andreas contributes to the culture of Folegandros with his music, his personality, his business and his presence proving year after year his love for the island by inviting guests and promoting it in his own way to both greeks and foreigners.

"Folegandros - Athens - New york - London" are the places where Andreas spends his time not only singing in places that are of his taste, but also having signed a musical that he has composed for Greece and abroad the premiere being at "Badminton Theatre" in 2014-2015.

''I praise God for giving me health and power to be able to do what my heart calls", confesses Andreas...

"Kalo Taxidi" (have a nice trip)

We are expecting you in beautiful Folegandros!


Chora, Folegandros, 840 11 Cyclades Greece
Tel.: (+30) 22860 41512
E-mail: andreasbonatsos@gmail.com

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