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The beach of Katergo is considered, and not without reason, as the best beach of Folegandros. It is situated at the south-eastern end of the island, in an area with not inhabited at all, with the small islet of Pelagia across. In the past, the locals came to this beach to extract the ferreous ore known as haematite, from which they made a reddish dye for their boats and for some parts of their houses. As the whole process was very hard and the conditions of extracting the haematite quite unhealthy, the locals gave to the beach this name (“katergo” in Greek means “galley”).

It is a long beach with nice fine white pebble and crystal clear turquoise sea. Although not easily accessible, it attracts many visitors. A big rock, just a few meters far from the beach attracts many swimmers, who swim there to dive from the rock. As it is a totally secluded beach, you have to be careful enough: firstly, no shade is available at the beach, unless you arrive there in late afternoon. Secondly, don’t forget to take provisions with you, at least a bottle of water, as the closest place where you can find something is far away (at least one hour on foot).

The beach is accessible by the excursion boats departing from Karavostassi(s) (the easy way). If you wish to follow the difficult way, you should drive on the dirt road leading from Livadi to Petoussis. When arriving at the area of the settlement of Livadi, you have to leave the car and follow the path. You have to walk some one hour until reaching the beach. Be sure that you follow this path and not the one departing from the camping at the beach of Livadi, as this latter is much more difficult and longer.

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