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The nice sandy beach of Agkali (the word in Greek means “bosom”) is situated at the scenic bay of Vathy (or Agkali Bay) in front of the homonymous coastal settlement, at a distance of some 4 kilometers western to the town of Folegandros (Chora), at the center of the western coast of the island. The visitors of the beach consider it as one of the best beaches of Folegandros. No swimming and sunbathing facilities are available at the beach. There are two or three taverns some 50-100 meters far from the sea, where the visitor can have a coffee or refreshments and enjoy a pretty good meal mainly of sea food and grilled meats. The taverns are open only in summer. If you feel like spending a couple of days at Agkali, a few rooms to let are available in summer.

The beach has nice fine sand and the sea deepens soon. When there is no wind (the beach is affected by the southwestern winds) the sea is calm and crystal clear. Most of the swimmers come here only for swimming and stay at Chora or at Karavostassi(s). No shade is available at the beach, unless at some spots under the high rocks surrounding the beach, which change according to the hour of the day and the position of the sun. Thus, if you like shade, you should bring along your umbrella. At the southern end of the beach, you will find another tiny, almost private beach, which you will reach if you walk within the shallow sea, after passing by the rock at your left. Here you will find some parts with shade from the rocks, a small cave and some rocks ideal for diving. From the small mole at the right part of the beach you may catch the excursion boats for the nearby beaches of Agios Nicolaos, Galyfo and Fyra, or farer away to the beach of Livadaki. The three of them are also accessible on foot from Agkali, via the good path, a bit uphill at the beginning of the route.

In August the Nautical Club of Folegandros organizes swimming and surfing games at the beach of Agkali. In case of any problem you should go back to Chora. Access from Chora is possible even on foot (less than one hour of walking). If you don’t wish to walk all the way long, the bus from Chora to Ano Meria can drop you or pick you up at the crossway to Agkali. From Karavostassi(s) you may come to Agkali by the excursion boats. You may also use a car, rented or private, or a scooter, but you should be careful at the part of the road leading to the beach, as it is downhill enough; the part of the road (from Chora or from Ano Meria) before arriving to the crossway is pretty good. Agkali is also connected with Chora by bus, with regular service; once a day the bus continues directly to Ano Meria. Finally, you may reach the beach by the taxi, if of course it is available.

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