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Agios Georgios

The pretty long beach of Agios Georgios is situated at the northern coast of the island, at the very northern end of it, within a cove. Open to the North, the beach is fully affected by the northern winds. The area around is not inhabited and the beach is rather secluded. In the last few years the residents of Pano Meria had constructed a few summer houses on the beach, which now have been abandoned. The beach has also a few “syrmata”, as the locals call the small booths for sheltering the fishing boats, when pulled ashore to protect them from the strong northern winds.

The beach and the seabed are sandy with fine pebbles. The sea is crystal clear and, although remote enough, the beach attracts many people. A few tamarisk trees on the beach offer their shade to the swimmers. As the beach lacks any kind of facilities, you should bring along all provisions necessary for your staying and above all water. Just behind the tamarisk trees you will see the whitewashed small church of Agios Georgios, after which the beach has been named. When the weather is good, you may see some of the residents of Pano Meria pulling their boats in the sea and preparing their equipment to go fishing. Once at the beach, you may visit the nearby site of Kastelos, where you will see the ruins of an ancient town. The site is accessible via a small path. In any case of emergence, you have to go back to Chora.

In the past access to the beach was possible only on foot or on donkeys and mules back, following the nice stone paved path that still exists. The path departs just after the small church of Agios Andreas at Ano Meria. Today, there is also a dirt track, quite unsuitable for your private conventional car or the taxi, but good enough for the rented cars and scooters and of course for the 4WD cars. From Ano Meria you will arrive to the beach after a short drive of 10 to 15 minutes. There are also other paths, all leading to Agios Georgios and departing from various places after Ano Meria. Some visitors prefer to come here by the excursion boats or by private yacht, provided there is no wind.

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